Board of Trustees

Ken Avallon, President

Steve Tallant, Vice President

Ruth Constantine, Secretary

Joe Long, Treasurer

Gail Ramsay

Larry Sharp

Alex Avallon Jr.
Alex Avallon III
Patrick Avallon
Bob Cassidy
Dan Fahy, Jr.
Mike Finlaw
Pete Georgelos
Dave Harker
Brian Hester
Hank McColgan
Michael Schmidt
Joe Shannon
Ted Stocklin
Jennifer Sirois

In Memoriam
Lowell Avallon

Hall of Fame Associates

Patti Adamski

Karen Avallon

Ken Avallon

Mike Bertoline

Bob Cassidy

Kathy Cassidy

Ruth Constantine

Mike Fesnak

Pete Georgelos

Carla Henry

Marc Kirsch

Hank McColgan

Connie Orkin

Vickie Primavera

Dave Purdy

Gail Ramsey

Dick Rosen

Joe Shannon

Larry Sharp

Steve Tallant

Student Volunteers

Jack Avallon

Kenny Avallon

Madeline Avallon

Craig Cassidy

Ryan Cassidy

Tyler Sharp

Advisory Panel

Acting more or less independently, the individuals comprising the Advisory Panel help champion the Hall and advises the Foundation's officers and representatives. Since its inception in June 2003, through input from individual members, the Advisory Panel has been invaluable in helping shape the direction of Foundation in the early stages. These individuals have been and shall continue to serve as a key component in the development and promotion of the Hall of Fame.

Dan Baker

Don DiJulia

John DiSanto

Glen Macnow

Jack McCallum

Bob McMahon

Vince Nicasatro

Sal Paolantonio

Al Shrier

Ted Silary

Tom Starner

Rich Westcott

Honorary Board

The Honorary Board consists of all living Inductees and those individuals who have demonstrated a special interest in the furtherance of the aims and objectives of the Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame.

Herb Adderley

Beth Anders

Rich Ashburn, Jr.

Horace Ashenfelter

Geno Auriemma

Dan Baker

Walter Bahr

Bill Barber

Charles Barkley

Maxie Baughan

Ernie Beck

Bill Bergey

Debbie Black

Larry Bowa

Don Bragg

Michael Brooks

Bob Brown

Timmy Brown

Leroy Burrell

John Cappelletti

Steve Carlton

Harold Carmichael

John Chaney

Maurice Cheeks

Bob Clarke

Doug Collins

Billy Cunningham

Ray Didinger

John DiSanto

Mark Eckel

Bill Ellerbee

Julius Erving

Jim Gallagher

Rich Gannon

Eddie George

Hal Greer

Theresa Grentz

Joe Hand, Sr.

Sonny Hill

Stan Hochman

Mark Howe

Reggie Jackson

Charles Jenkins

Wali Jones

Joe Klecko

Tommy Lasorda

John LeClair

Tony Leodora

Bob Levy

Eric Lindros

Carl Lewis

Greg Luzinski

Bill Lyon

Phil Martelli

Tommy McDonald

Al Meltzer

Earl Monroe

Wilbert Montgomery

Lou Nolan

Speedy Morris

Joe Pagliei

Bernie Parent

Mike Piazza

Merrill Reese

Ed Rendell

Pete Retzlaff

Dave Robinson

Cathy Rush

Mike Schmidt

Vic Seixas

Betty Shellenberger

Karen Shelton

Larry Shenk

Jay Sigel

Curt Simmons

Lionel Simmons

Tina Sloan Green

Dawn Staley

Cindy Timchal

Andrew Toney

Dick Vermeil

Pat Williams

Jack Whitaker

Marc Zumoff

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