Friends of the Hall - Corporate Giving - FAQs

• What is Friends of the Hall? Friends of the Hall is an ongoing fund-raising program to raise annual operating funds to support the work of the Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame. This campaign provides Hall of Fame supporters an avenue to provide support and offers an opportunity to actively participate in the growth and development of the Hall of Fame.

• Why is the Friends of the Hall program so important? Funds raised through the program are instrumental in providing funds for community initiatives, artifact acquisitions, youth programs and other areas to help our volunteers keep the Hall of Fame growing and running smoothly and efficiently. It is a key element in the Hall of Fame’s museum development efforts.

• Why is my gift so important? As an non-endowed, all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) nonprofit with no direct federal, state or local government funding, the Hall of Fame’s success depends largely on private support. The number of individuals who support the Hall of Fame is extremely important as it demonstrates the scope of support for the foundation and enables the organization to target matching funds proposals to potential sponsors. In particular, the level of participation often impacts the level of support foundations and corporations are willing to provide when considering grant proposals.

• How much should I contribute? Of course, it is your decision and with the various giving levels you should find one to fit. We hope that all Friends of the Hall will establish a regular tradition of giving through annual contributions.

• I can only afford to make a small gift. Does my gift really make a difference to the Hall of Fame? Every gift, regardless of size, is not just greatly appreciated, but makes an impact on this effort. Combined with others, your gift becomes very significant to the Hall of Fame. These funds provide the ongoing support that is so essential to the quality of the Hall’s programs and growth. These unrestricted funds give the Hall of Fame the flexibility to respond in a timely manner to opportunities, and to meet unexpected challenges.

• Is my gift tax deductible? Yes. As a federal 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, all gifts to the Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame are deductible for federal income tax purposes to the extent allowed by law. Please check with your tax advisor for details on deductibility of charitable donations.

• Are there ways to contribute other than making gifts by cash or credit card? While most contributions are made in the form of personal checks or credit card payments, gifts of appreciated securities (either stocks or mutual funds) can result in additional tax savings to you. You can deduct the market value of the securities, up to the established IRS limits, and you can avoid capital gains tax that is payable if you sold them. Please contact Steve Tallant (; 215.923.5121 ext 5) about how to make gifts of securities. Other types of gifts take the form of personal property (collectibles, antiques, artwork, etc.), real estate, life insurance policies, gifts by will or bequest, and gifts in honor of or in memory of an individual. Again, please check with your tax advisor for details on deductibility of charitable donations.

• What recognition programs exist? Aside from the personal enrichment you will receive by becoming a Friend of the Hall, gifts of $100 or more are recognized in the annual Honor Roll of Donors. For your gift of $1000 or more you also will receive two VIP tickets to the Hall of Fame’s annual Induction Ceremony held every November.

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